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Clever Reuses for Common Household Items

Written by: Clay Miller

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One of the best ways to avoid sending things to a landfill is to reuse them. Below are some clever reuses for some common household items. You can help the environment and even save money.

Carpet remnants

  • use a small mat for a garage, basement or mudroom
  • line the bottom of where you store your pots and pans, it keeps things quiet
  • use as a pet mat in a doghouse

cut carpet remnants into something useful

Glass jars

  • use for canning and/or for storing sauces
  • fill with candies or cookies
  • decorate them anyway you want and give as gifts
  • store coins and even make slit in lid and have a piggy bank

fill your glass jars with money or candy 

Old greeting cards

  • some schools, daycare centers and churches take old greeting cards for craft projects
  • use a nice one as a bookmark
  • use an old card to make your own card with new photographs or drawings

reuse old greeting cards


  • attach a cork to boat keys, if they end up in the water they will float
  • they make great fish hook holders
  • slide a dull razor blade through a cork to get a few more uses out of the razor

corks can be reused for many things

Sheets & Tablecloths

  • cut to make placemats, aprons, laundry bags
  • cut for runner-size pieces and add decorative trim
  • cut and hem to make lint-free kitchen towels

tablecloths and sheets can be reused for many things 

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