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Clever Reuses for Common Household Items

Written by: Clay Miller

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One of the best ways to avoid sending things to a landfill is to reuse them. Below are some clever reuses for some common household items. You can help the environment and even save money.


  • line the bottom of a birdcage or other pet sanctuary
  • place under car to soak up an oil leak, perhaps
  • use in garden under mulch to reduce the onset of weeds
  • use as wrapping paper

after you read it, use it again

Shredded Paper

  • use it as packing material for shipping
  • use when storing or moving delicate items
  • makes good kindling for a fire

shredded paper is useful for many things 

Altoids (or similar) Tin Boxes

tin boxes can hold your small objects


  • use as a bathroom scrubber
  • use to scrub clothing stains
  • use to clean grout in kitchen and/or bathroom
  • use to scrub away calcium deposits and soap scum from faucets and around sinks

toothbrushes are good for scrubbing hard to reach places

Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls

  • use to organize cords; fold cord into roll to take up less space when not in use
  • if you collect enough of them, they can be used as packing material
  • great for kid's crafts

tablecloths and sheets can be reused for many things 

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