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Clever Reuses for Common Household Items

Written by: Clay Miller

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One of the best ways to avoid sending things to a landfill is to reuse them. Below are some clever reuses for some common household items. You can help the environment and even save money.

Styrofoam egg cartons

  • divide into smaller pieces and use them to protect items while shipping or in storage
  • use to sprout seedlings before putting in garden
  • use to store small odds and ends like ping-pong balls, rings, buttons or thumb tacks.

reuse the carton ... eggsactly

Wire clothes hangers

  • make a children's mobile or wind chimes
  • great for campfire marshmallows and/or hotdogs
  • unblocking a toilet; I've been there
  • be creative and make an art piece; surprise me

most people have clothes hangers just hanging around

Empty (and cleaned) pill bottles

  • storage for items such as coins, paperclips, thumb tacks, beads
  • organize fishing supplies like hooks, lures, bobbers and other loose items
  • create a small first aid kit with small band-aids and ointment to take anywhere

pill bottles are good for small storage

Paper bags

  • use to cover textbooks
  • can be used to create kid's art projects like masks or costumes
  • cut in pieces and wad up to use in faux painting
  • decorate to make a kid's hand puppet

toothbrushes are good for scrubbing hard to reach places

Yogurt cups

  • use as a planter for a small plant
  • use the cups to wash out small paint brushes
  • store beads and other craft supplies
  • use the cups to hold jelly beans or other small snacks at a kid's birthday party

tablecloths and sheets can be reused for many things 

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