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Community Gardens Are Sprouting Up Everywhere

Written by: Clay Miller

community garden in Dallas, Texas

Combining the two great ideas of buying locally and creating your own garden is the ingenious idea of community gardens. These gardens are turning parking lots and abandoned wasteland in cities into gorgeous and fertile places for the local people to grow and harvest their own food. Some are even donating what they have grown to others. They can range from a small vegetable gardens called "victory gardens" to larger areas to preserve local nature and habitat.

Each grower will be given an individual plot of land (sometimes for free) in which they will do the work alone or with help from other members. You don't have to be a pro gardener. Other members can help you along the way. You can usually grow whatever it is you want. Would you rather grow herbs and not vegetables? You can do that too. You can grow whatever you want for you and/or your family. You'll be helping your family in eating healthier.

look at what you could be growing

Community gardens also brings the community together in a great way and can save the locals money. Instead of buying fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, they are growing their own food. This saves in transportation costs, which of course includes gas. The community gardens can be linked with a farmers' market where all of the food that will not be used by the growers are sold. These markets sell the food that is grown to locals for much cheaper than in any other place.

Transform ugly areas of your neighborhood into areas that everyone can enjoy. Do you like gardening or want to try gardening? Start a community garden where you live. Contact your local city government to see if community gardens are in your area. Also, in the U.S. you can go to www.communitygarden.org/

Think of the feeling of accomplishment you'll fell after harvesting your first set of crops. Community gardens are a win-win for you, your neighborhood and for the Earth.


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