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Go Green With Transportation

Written by: Clay Miller

Get on the bus and Go Green Ride the rails by Going Green

The best way between two points is a green line

  • take public transportation (e.g. bus, subway, train, etc.); you can get some reading done too
  • look into buying hybrid vehicles; they get better gas mileage because they run on alternative power other than gas (e.g. electricity, hydrogen, etc.) or ever since Elon Musk helped perfect production of electric cars with his company, Tesla Motors, electric cars are now becoming a popular alternative
  • start carpooling to work found out more here
  • keep your vehicle in shape with regular maintenance checks (e.g. oil changes, tires checked, etc.); your vehicle will run better and have better gas mileage
  • educate yourself and watch the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?
  • learn how to become a hyper-miler; a hyper-miler is one who uses techniques to maximize the gas mileage in their vehicle; for example, supposedly getting up to 59 miles per gallon in a Honda Accord; you can learn about becoming a hyper-miler here
  • walk or ride a bike when you can; you'll save money and you'll get some great exercise

Go Green by biking

There are currently 5 types alternative fuel sources other than petroleum:

  • Ethanol (renewable resource added to gasoline)
  • Natural Gas (example: Honda Civic GX)
  • Biodiesel (examples: many VW vehicles, Mercedes E320 CDI)
  • Propane (used in over 8 million vehicles worldwide)
  • Hydrogen (examples: Honda FCX, Ford Focus FCV, BMW Hydrogen 7, Toyota FCHV)

These will help you on your way from Point A to Point B while being as nice to the environment as possible.

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