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Go Green & Save Money

Written by: Clay Miller

Buy compact fluorescent light bulbs

  • use CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) in every room of your house; they can each save you up to $30 a year in energy
  • use Energy Star appliances; you can find them here
  • eat in when you can; you won't have to drive and you get to control the portion that you receive; also you can have leftovers for later without having to think about plastic or Styrofoam doggie-bags
  • buy items used when you can; thrift stores and eBay are popular for a reason
  • learn to Precycle
  • walk or bike to work if possible; you'll save money (less gas use and less wear and tear on your vehicle); needless to say the reduction in air pollution
  • start your own garden or look into a community garden; the savings from not having to buy the foods you grow in the store can be big
  • unplug electronic devices when not in use

Unplug items when not in use

  • find out the latest and lowest gas prices in The United States and Canada, go to gasbuddy.com
  • if you can't walk or bike to work, carpooling is the next best thing
  • go to Zimride, The Carpool Community, to look into carpooling in your area
  • if possible work from home; how does zero gas usage sound?; with all of that time at home you'll have to learn how to go green at home
  • look into getting a solar water heater
  • get clothes that do not require dry-cleaning; you'll save from the costs and reduce the use of toxic chemicals
  • if you have the room start a garden; growing your own vegetables is a great hobby and you control what goes into your food
  • be nice to your electronic devices; this means being nice to them and not dropping or spilling things on them; this will reduce what can end up in landfills; recycle your old devices instead of tossing them in the trash

electronics can zap energy just by being plugged in

  • you may want to think of buying in bulk; this can save you money and will reduce packaging waste
  • you can use vinegar, baking soda mixed with water to clean most almost everything; these are much less toxic than commercial cleaners and you'll also save money along the way
  • buy rechargeable batteries; you can even recycle batteries now; learn how to recycle batteries here
  • when printing, you can reuse the paper by using both sides of the sheet; you'll save on paper and trees, of course
  • drink more tap water and less bottled water
  • learn to reduce, reuse and recycle

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