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How To Go Green At School

Written by: Clay Miller

Learn to go green at school learn green at school

The next generation is crucial to the "green wave" that we are starting. There is no better place to learn about going green than at school. Well, you also can be green at school. Whether you are in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, grade school, high school, vocational school, online college, or traditional college studying health science courses, you are never too young or old to learn about helping the environment. At school is a great way to help.

  • start a school recycling program; talk to your school's administrators about recycling paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and even electronic equipment; you'd be surprised on how much is wasted if not recycled everyday

    click here to find out how long it takes these items to decompose when put into a landfill

Recycle those used cans Recycle that wasted paper vending machine

  • look for water powered electronics found at Gaiam.com
  • use supplies made from recycled materials (e.g. notebooks, folders, pencils, etc.)
  • ask if ink cartridges are recycled; go to www.greenschoolproject.com
  • find out what your state is doing concerning waste in schools here
  • ask if non-toxic cleaning materials are used in your school
  • when using paper, write and print on both sides of the sheet of paper
  • don't buy individually wrapped snacks, buy in bulk and put items in reusable containers
  • look into having a garden club; you could have an herb or vegetable garden on school property

Gardens are fun and educational Scarecrows are a nice feature in any garden

  • carpool to school with those who live in your neighborhood
  • if you live really close to school and weather permitting, ride your bike to and from school
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Future students at your school can learn from you. Who says you can't learn something in school?

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