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Recycle Or Reuse Your Old Analog TV When You Buy A New Digital TV

Written by: Clay Miller

reycle your old analog tv when you make the digital switch

Don't just toss out your old analog television set when you buy a new digital television. TV sets contain lead, chromium and mercury inside the glass tube. In a landfill, these can contaminate both our soil and our water supply. You can find a place locally who can recycle your old analog TV by going to Earth911.com's Recycling Center search or you can find another use for your old reliable television set.

Many guest bedrooms or home offices don't have Cable or Satellite hookups. Your analog TV will still be able to be used along with DVD players, VCRs and game consoles. For kid's rooms you can control the tapes or DVDs that they watch and you'll know that they cannot watch TV in their room. An analog TV set in conjunction with these accessories is better than no TV at all.

use you analog TV with a game console, like the x-Box use your analog TV with a game console, like the Wii use your analog TV with a DVD player

Some clever ways of reusing your old analog TV are making it into a flower planter, an end table, a coffee table or various other art projects. You can make a family project out of it. Be creative, but also be careful when dealing with the inside parts. Believe it or not you can turn your old analog TV into a fish tank. For real. Click the below picture to find out how.

fish tank made from an old analog TV

Once again, if you can't find another practical use for your old analog TV you can recycle it. You may have seen on your local news or newspaper about places that will recycle your analog TV. If not, you can go to Earth911.com's Recycling Center search.

digital TV

Once you have made the digital switch, your new TV's resolution will be much better.  If you follow these eco-friendly steps in your digital switch you and the environment will feel better too.

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