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What Does "Green" Mean?

Written by: Clay Miller

Green is a term that can be easily lost in translation due to the wide range of its focus. When first used the term green would conjure up visions of tree huggers and environmental protests all in an attempt to "save the world". Now, green takes on a huge variety of possibilities. In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, you'll see the following:


1) of the color green

2) covered by green growth or foliage

3) pleasantly alluring

4) youthful, vigorous

5) not ripened or matured

6) fresh, new

7) envious

8) not fully processed or treated

9) deficient in training, knowledge, or experience

10) relating to or being an environmentalist (noun): a supporter of a social or political movement who's main concerns are global environmental protection, bioregionalism and social responsibility

As you can see the definition that we are interested in is the last definition. Green encompasses anything and everything that is better for the environment than doing nothing at all. This can vary from collecting and recycling aluminum cans to growing your own vegetables without the using pesticides to taking part in a windmill farm. If you are doing your part to lower pollution, landfill waste and other harmful things to our planet we salute you. There are so many things that we can do and to know how to do this is to have a great deal of power.

Welcome to a cleaner future.

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